Sancerre: Home of the best sauvignon blanc?

Ever had a sauvignon blanc wine?  Probably.  Ever had it from arguably the best region for it - Sancerre, France?

I live just about midway between two of the world's best wine-producing regions:  Bordeaux to the southwest, and Sancerre to the northeast .  Sancerre is in "the Berry", the  traditional name of the French geographical region in which I live, and is one of the better known wine-producing regions of the Loire Valley (yes, THAT Loire Valley -- the one with the châteaux!)

Sancerre was my destination today; it's just about a two hour drive from where I live, but that doesn't take into account all my châteaux photo stops (and there are many more to see in this region!):

But I did wind my way (literally) into the Sancerre growing region, with its multitude of vignobles (vineyards) and caves (pronounced "cahv", no "s" sound at the end, meaning the cellars, dégustations [tastings], and sales offices).
 The arrow sign at the bottom reads:  "Route of the Heart of France Vineyards".

This is an example of a "cave"...

...and this is a sign publicizing one of many caves throughout the region.

Same general area, same day, same time -- just different light, different angle.
If you look carefully, on far right,  at bottom of upper third of picture, you'll see a man working in the vineyard.

There is an actual town of Sancerre that sits on a hill...

...and from a public courtyard at the top of a steep staircase (see below), there's a panoramic view.

Sancerre's historic center is absolutely charming even in the dead of winter when it's practically a ghost town, with its 15th C buildings (notice explanatory plaques have English translations), its many wine stores, delightful boutiques, and imaginatively decorated display windows ("vitrines")...

Of course, the best part was lunch in a typical French bistro -- a lovely cheese omelet (made with a local chèvre, crottin de Chavignol), and of course served with a Sancerre white.  I didn't actually know what kind of white; it's just listed by color!

After Sancerre, since I was already in the Loire Valley, I really did need to actually go to the Loire River, and so I did, and crossed over it...

And isn't this a great place to put a playground?!

Hope you enjoyed this visit!
A la prochaine --



  1. Beautiful photos. So few people about - just because it was an overcast winter day? I do love a good sauvignon blanc and am glad you shared this tour of (one of?) the production region. Will I find Sancerre listed on any bottles at the local wine emporium? I remember The Berry! So nice.

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