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Des morceaux d'information

This past week's readings and wanderings have provided the following "bits and pieces" of information about the region in which I live: formerly known as Limousin, but now the larger Nouvelle Aquitaine: 1) A test track has been identified in my region for the "Hyperloop", Elon Musk's (Pay Pal, Tesla, etc.) transport system technology that would take you in a vacuum tube pod from Limoges to Paris (almost 4 hours by car) in less than half an hour. 2) A hen retirement home is about to open; but of more interest to me is that an elephant orphanage is set to open in my region! Saw elephants in the wild in Kenya, and visited an elephant orphanage in Uganda. Would love to volunteer. 3) Volunteer opportunities may be possible with Emmaüs, the now secular charitable society started by "Abbé Pierre" that is active in homelessness, poverty reduction, and immigration issues, and has several offices within my region. 4) Metropolitan Museum of A