Finalement...à la fin...

In the final analysis it was a "triple A" experience:  adventure, adaptation and, especially, the art.

I'm leaving France after a year and a half and moving back to the U.S. to re-settle in a less lonely, less rural,  larger town where I'll be less culturally and language-challenged, and have more accessibility  to friends, grandson and activities.  However, I don't for a minute regret what I have learned, done, experienced or spent here, and I shall deeply miss the charm and beauty of France when I return to the banality of the U.S.  I'll also miss living in a country where the public good is considered and matters, where health care coverage is a given, where gun-toting isn't considered a "right",  and where quality of life carries more weight than capitalism.  Sadly, however, both countries bear the burden and wear the stain of bigotry and intolerance for "the other", and France has as many social and political issues as does every…

Sancerre: Home of the best sauvignon blanc?

Ever had a sauvignon blanc wine?  Probably.  Ever had it from arguably the best region for it - Sancerre, France?

I live just about midway between two of the world's best wine-producing regions:  Bordeaux to the southwest, and Sancerre to the northeast .  Sancerre is in "the Berry", the  traditional name of the French geographical region in which I live, and is one of the better known wine-producing regions of the Loire Valley (yes, THAT Loire Valley -- the one with the châteaux!)

Sancerre was my destination today; it's just about a two hour drive from where I live, but that doesn't take into account all my châteaux photo stops (and there are many more to see in this region!):

But I did wind my way (literally) into the Sancerre growing region, with its multitude of vignobles (vineyards) and caves (pronounced "cahv", no "s" sound at the end, meaning the cellars, dégustations [tastings], and sales offices).

There is an actual town of Sancerre t…