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Ex-Pat Downslide


An Easter Re-Birth

Today is Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018, and it is, indeed, for me a "rebirth".Today marks the end of the first stage (five months) of my new life in France.  I move into the house I am renting in Argenton-sur-Creuse (Centre region, Indre department) in two days.

 It is also the last day of the visit of the third friend I have hosted (not counting brother and sister-in-law over Thanksgiving), and their visits have truly provided a validation I wasn't expecting. Part of my "plan" to come here, was to introduce friends (and what little family I still have) to a new region and a new way of life, even as I was exploring and doing it myself.  It seems to have worked out quite well.

I want to be sure visitors re-think their impression (if they had one) of France; it's NOT Paris (though I certainly love that city!).  It is all the countryside and villages, towns and cities outside of Paris.  It's the (pre-)history and topography and landscapes and the chateaux…