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A One Year Assessment: Living in France

I just celebrated my 72nd birthday.  I spent almost all of my 71st year living a new adventure in central southwest France -- "la France profonde."  I'm leaving tomorrow (10/14/18) for a two-week visit to the States, which will include my one-year mark of living here, so it seems like a good time to take stock.   I'll be coming back to my home here in beautiful Argenton-sur-Creuse, but that almost didn't happen.  I spent all of May 2018 in the U.S because of unexpected eye surgery and thought about throwing in the towel on this adventure, but I persisted.  Then once I returned, personal issues -- exacerbated by various events -- slid me downward until I was sure once again I was going to return to the States.  I reached out to many close friends (and I know how fortunate I am to have them) and they all -- to a person! -- said exactly the same thing:  Stay.  You haven't given it enough time.  Don't be so impatient. Stop having such unreasonab