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Getting acclimated

Oct. 30 Went this morning with landlady/neighbor Linda to Les Herolles, the monthly (29th of the month) "foire" -- which means "fair" in English, but is actually a HUGE outdoor market (some say largest in France).  However, I think for me it will be a one-time "af-fair", since I've been to many (food, flowers, clothing, lots of live animals -- mostly poultry), and it's not as pretty as others I've seen in France, such as the one right outside my apartment on the river in Lyon.  It was interesting, though, to see all the people in their daily French lives, and we wondered from where they'd all come, since they certainly don't live in our bourg or neighboring village (St. Sulpice-les-Feuilles) -- though Linda says there are about 300 residents in Mailhac (really?  Where are they?), and about 1500 in the greater St Sulpice township. Linda in green sweater ("jumper"in British English) on the right Cheese stand


One of the reasons I came to this region was to be close to -- that is, within an hour's drive -- of Montmorillon, the town in the Vienne department of Poitou Charentes, on the Gartempe river.  I fell in love with this place when I first saw it:  it's one of France's eight "Cités de l'Ecrit" -- Cities of Writing, dedicated to books, reading and writing.  Thus, the "old town" (the medieval section) has taken on a whole new life in the past 20 or so years (although the pictures you'll see will show quiet, empty streets) -- with bookstores, galleries, calligraphy and writing materials, workshops during the summer, and even a theater.  I returned yesterday (Oct. 28) -- it's a 40-minute drive, and still felt a connection. The visitor's center for "La Cité" has a marvelous exhibit of typewriters; it was particularly fun to see young people (Saturdays are family outings in France) try out those "old-fashioned" machines -- f
27 October, 2017 -- Mailhac-sur-Benaize (commune, or "bourg"), Haute Vienne (departement), Nouvelle Aquitaine (region), France Yesterday (second full day here) and today spent mostly getting accustomed to "activities of daily living", while connecting with a few of the shop owners.  Went to three different supermarkets (Leclerc and Lidl in La Souterraine -- closest town, as opposed to village) -- and Carrefour Express in next village over, St. Sulpice les Feuilles, to make purchases and check out goods and prices.  Found prices to be really reasonable (in some cases -- such as wine, bread, cheese -- really inexpensive!). Today I was going to do coffee/croissant at "La Presse", the book/magazine/newspaper store where I made the acquaintance of owner, Pierrette, but got involved in a long, enjoyable chat with landlady (and next door neighbor) Linda Abdelaoui (husband Sam is Moroccan/Berber), so didn't get going until close to noon, and then, of cours