A sweet day

Tuesday, 12 December: Sunny and not too cold.

Finished making some changes on my painting of avocados...stopped in at the mairie (municipal office) and joked (in French) with Bernadette that I was going to apply for a handicapped parking card because I was incapacitated by my long holiday fingernails (she cracked up at that)...

went into St. Sulpice (3 min drive) and got a pain au chocolat (pastry with chocolate) and then stopped in for coffee and chat with Pierette at La Presse; though she was busy with customers, as usual in the morning, she still had time to catch up on my social life (such as it is)...

on to Family Village outside Limoges (this has become rather a pilgrimage) for some Xmas and me-shopping, including lunch at a cafeteria called "flunch", which included escargots (snails) in the salad bar (!!) and my choice, a sort of French version of Jewish deli: lox (smoked salmon), cream cheese (more cream than cheese and with herbs) and cute little rounds of grilled dough -- latkes! (but didn't taste anything like the real ones), with country (hard crust) French bread. And a lemon wedge and half a cherry tomato. OK, not exactly New York deli, but...

Back to La Soutte for a late afternoon conversation group at the Médiathèque (library-plus) that meets three Tuesdays per month; French participants speak English, Anglophones speak French -- and it works!. We (mostly) let the mistakes go by, the conversation is a free-for-all, and we learn from each other. Example: "Final straw" or "straw that broke the camel's back" in French is, "La goutte d'eau qui fait déborder la vase" ("The drop that overflows the vase").

A la prochaine --


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